Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Keeping Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

It’s almost the new year and that means most people will vow to lose weight, exercise and eat healthier – the most common New Year’s Resolutions.  Resolutions are easy to start; the challenge is sustaining them.  One month later, have you adhered to your good intentions?
Statistics show that, at the end of January, approximately 64% of resolvers are still hanging in there; six months later, that number drops to 44%, according to John Norcross, University of Scranton psychologist and author of Changing for Good.

Making resolutions is the first step, but you’ll need a plan and a healthy dose of perseverance if you want to succeed.
Here are a few points to remember as you create your New Year’s Resolutions:

·         Set realistic expectations.  You will not lose 10 pounds in a week – not even if you eat only fruit and drink water (which would be very unhealthy because your diet would lack vital protein).

·         Create mini-goals.  If you want to become more physically fit, instead of trying to complete 100 sit-ups on January 2, attempt 20 sit-ups and add 5 sit-ups each day.  Small increments add up and, within a few weeks,  you’ll not only feel better but you’ll also have increased endurance.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  So, unfortunately, you won’t get an ab 6-pack in the first week of the new year.

·         Celebrate small goals.  Don’t place added pressure on yourself to be perfect.  No one is perfect and no one has a perfect diet or exercise regimen.  It’s important to reward yourself for reaching halfway or mini-goals.  If you want to lose 20 pounds, celebrate losing the first 5 pounds by buying yourself flowers or getting a massage. 

·         Believe in yourself.  You have the willpower and perseverance to succeed!

·         Good health is a marathon, not a sprint.  A realistic resolution is one you can sustain for at least a year -- not just for a few weeks.

If you’ve totally run out of steam when it comes to keeping your resolution by mid-February, don’t despair. Start over again! Recommit yourself for 24 hours. You can do anything for 24 hours. The 24-hour increments will soon build on each other and, before you know it, you will be back on track.
I wish you a healthy and happy new year! 

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