Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Exercise Snacking

Are you insulin resistant?  Have you heard of exercise snacking?  You will.

A recent study published on May 8, 2014, in Diabetologia found that, in patients with insulin resistance, brief periods of high-intensity exercise before breakfast, lunch and dinner improved blood sugar control for the day of exercise and the day after, compared to one prolonged period of moderate exercise before dinner.
Researchers believe that these brief exercise periods  - also known as "exercise snacks" - can help prevent diabetes and other cardiometabolic diseases (heart disease and conditions that affect the body's metabolism).

Exercise snacking involves six, one-minute periods of walking on an incline treadmill at near maximum heart rate (90% heart rate) 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The study findings showed that exercise snacking decreased the participants' blood sugar levels by 13 percent at three hours after breakfast and by 17 percent at three hours after dinner compared to a single session of 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise (in which the heart reached 60% of its maximum beating rate). On the day of exercise, exercise snacking lowered post-meal blood sugar levels by 12 percent.
The idea of breaking up exercise makes sense.  Research has shown that even people who meet the recommended daily 30 minutes of moderate physical activity still spend most of the remaining minutes of the day relatively inactive. And intense activity, especially before meals, may be the key to kicking the body’s fat- and sugar-burning mechanisms into functioning at their best.

What a genius idea to make your snack “exercise.”  It’ll boost your metabolism, curb your hunger and give you energy throughout the day.
So, not only is exercise great for your heart and muscles, it is also wonderful for your pancreas!

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